Our Patients' Testimonials

Here are some of our patient success stories that we would like to share.

"All physical therapy is NOT the same. I have had many experiences with various PT over the years. I can honestly say that HDPT was the best experience. Glenn & Ed are professional, experiences and compassionate. They are oth family men who are dedicated to helping people. This is not just a 'job' to them - you matter to them. They take the time to listen to what you have to say about your problem and how it effects your life. Then, using their extensive education and experience, they develop a creative, yet effective plan of treatment. They will also discuss your long term goals. By trusting their knowledge and experience, I reached my goal and it changed my life." - Joyce, Wakefield, MA

"The energy at HDPT is so positive! I appreciate how Glenn & Ed maintain a professional and easygoing atmosphere that is balanced with warmth and humor. I looked forward to the therapy sessions because not only would I have less pain, I was sure to have some laughs along the way." - Gabrielle, Melrose, MA

"Simply put, this PT is different from all the others. Both Glenn & Ed are devoted professionals that are creative with their treatment plans. Their expert manual skills, beautiful facility and extensive machinery/equipment are all outstanding. Also, they care! The whole experience was fun because of their personalities and styles. I will recommend HDPT to everyone I know, they really helped me!" - Robin, Reading, MA

"After suffering from debilitating migraines for 10 years, I thought I’d tried everything. I’ve done diets, acupuncture, taken dozens of medications and found minimal relief until I discovered that this was one of Glenn’s many talents. I arrived at HDPT with a severe migraine that included blurred vision. Glenn treated my neck and I stood up a new person. Immediate relief! I continue to be amazed and grateful." - Jamie, Danvers, MA

"4 years ago I had my ankle replaced and had PT. It did not work. My MD suggested I try again; I was not enthusiastic. He recommended HDPT. It turned out to be the best thing I could have done! When I came my ankle was swollen, I was in pain every step I took, I had no range of motion & going down stairs was a nightmare. HD turned this all around. I can now walk without pain, my ankle is no longer swollen, I can go down stairs and it's amazing how much range of motion I have now. Glenn & Ed did an amazing job, I can't recommend them highly enough! They know what they are doing & they do a great job!" - Gail, Lynnfield, MA

"I am very pleased with the excellent care I received at HDPT. Glenn immediately diagnosed my problems and implemented the correct regimen which got me out of pain and back on track. I would also like to thank Ed for his expert knowledge and input into my care. Aby was extremely accommodating and flexible with the scheduling of my appointments and really went out of her way for me. I found my rehab experience to be awesome!" - Maureen, Stoneham, MA

“Glenn is THE Miracle Man!!!

About three years ago I injured my knee playing racquetball. My knee hurt so much I was uncomfortable watching TV so the thought of running was out of the question.   I am an avid runner and have been since high school but because of the pain, I had pretty much accepted the fact that I was no longer going to be able to do what I loved. After a couple weeks of frustration I was just about to see an orthopedic surgeon when a friend of mine suggested I see Glenn. My buddy swore by him.  I took his advice and made an appointment. Glenn was professional but easy to talk to and understood exactly what I was referring to when describing my pain.  As soon as we started working together I could tell he knew what he was doing.  Within weeks I was feeling significantly better. And now I am back to running 10-15 miles a week. 

Roughly ten years ago I had rotator cuff surgery. Over time it would act up here and there but I would always get over the aches and pains.  Last year my shoulder really took a turn for the worse.  Simple things like buckling my seatbelt or picking up my laptop on the passenger seat were ridiculously painful - almost impossible due to lack of strength.   I stopped doing a lot of the activities I enjoy.  To this day I don’t know why I waited for the discomfort to get so bad before calling Glenn.   Once again he came to the rescue.  Within a month or so I started surfing and swimming again. 

In the world of Physical Therapy Glenn is the best in the business.  He understands exactly what is needed to not only make his patients feel comfortable but to provide them with the ability to lead active lives.  I see Glenn for every injury and can’t recommend him highly enough.  

Congrats on the beautiful facility! Thanks for fixing me.” - Dustin, Salem, MA

“I went to Glenn with a sore knee that was continually flaring up when I skied. With just a few simple tests, Glenn quickly diagnosed my injury as chondromalacia and developed a program to correct the issue. Within a couple of months I was pain free and back on the hill. Glenn is truly a master at his craft!” – Alex, Danvers, MA

"I'd never experienced any sort of back pain until I woke up one morning with a sharp pain in my lower back. I panicked b/c I have two young boys to take care of, one of them being a cranky, chubby 5 month old who wanted to be held constantly.  After 20 minutes with Glenn I felt a marked improvement and I was back to normal in a day or two, after doing the stretches he'd shown me. I'm so grateful to HDPT for getting me back on my feet so quickly! Glenn's a miracle worker!" – Jessica, Woburn, MA

“I have been in pain for many years now with Spinal Stenosis and Achilles Tendonitis.  I have gone to Glenn for quite a few years now on and off and he has done nothing but help me with my pain.  He is awesome and I recommend him 100% to anyone who is trying to live a normal life without pain.  He "does" the job 100%.  Thank you Glenn.” – Joyce, Everett, MA

“About five years ago I injured my knee exercising. It was so painful I could barely put any pressure on it without experiencing tremendous pain.  After just a few sessions with Glenn, I was up and running again!  The best part is I've continued to run & exercise and it hasn't bothered me since. He's amazing.” – Tara, Braintree, MA

“I was treated by Glenn for neck pain, back pain and whiplash after a car accident. The treatment I received led to an immediate decrease in pain and stiffness and made my neck and back as good as new.” – Kevin, Swampscott, MA

“In early 2007, I had just begun a new exercise regimen that included running. I started slow, and was working up to my goal of 3 miles when a knee injury stopped me in my tracks. I had a bucket tear of cartilage in my previously reconstructed right knee. The pain was excruciating and I was quickly scheduled for an arthroscopy. My recovery included several weeks of physical therapy with Glenn. Not only did he help me to regain strength and stability in my now twice surgically repaired knee, he also gave me some stretching advice that has saved me from nagging shin splints that would often inhibit my running.  Thanks to Glenn's expertise, I just completed my second half marathon! Running is now a major part of my life, a very important one, that would not be possible if not for the care Glenn provided!” – Deb, Medford, MA

"I am a ballet dancer and have been seeing Glenn for quite sometime, for many different injuries. I've had surgeries that I thought would be career ending, yet Glenn has worked wonders. He is committed to helping you in anyway that he can. Needless to say, I am back dancing and feeling strong thanks to him. Glenn is the man! You honestly wouldn't be able to find a better physical therapist!" - Danielle, Melrose, MA

"I have been dealing with knee pain for quite awhile. I was having difficulty getting up and down stairs at the age of 36! After being fed up, I decided to get help and that is when I became a patient of HDPT. After only 2 visits, I found that I was able to go up and down stairs a bit smoother and with less pain. I still have more work to do but with feeling results as early as 2 visits I know that I am on the path to recovery." - Jennifer, Nashua, NH